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Hemorrhoids Compounding


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relieve rectal pain & discomfort


reducing swelling (inflammation) directly in the rectum and anus.


what are the types of hemorrhoids ?

Internal: Internal hemorrhoids are found deep inside your rectum, often these hemorrhoids are painless, and they may not be identified unless they start to bleed. Since they are further up in your rectum, any physical ointment or other treatments becomes hard. In rare cases, the internal hemorrhoids may get pushed out from your anus, making it a very painful experience for the patient. Only your doctor may be able to identify the nature of your hemorrhoids. Once they are enlarged, internally or externally, they are identified as thrombosed or thrombotic. The latter is very painful because any mild pressure or irritation like coughing or sneezing may result in rectum pain. 

External: External hemorrhoids develop under the skin outside and at the opening of the anus. They may get uncomfortable with time, especially when any bowel movements happen. They are often tender to touch as well. They feel like soft swellings and are purple and round. 


Anal Fissures
An anal fissure is a small tear or cut in the skin that lines the anus. Fissures typically cause pain and often bleed. Fissures are quite common but are often confused with other causes of pain and bleeding, such as hemorrhoids. These fissures are treated with topical compounded medications.
Suppository Or Cream ?? Which is better ?

Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum, whil occur under the skin around the anus.

External hemorrhoids frequently cause itching, irritation, and pain. Internal hemorrhoids can cause pain, too. However, they may not be as irritating or painful as external ones because the tissue lining the internal rectum has fewer nerve endings.

Creams, ointments, and pastes are commonly applied to external hemorrhoids for temporary relief. These OTC and prescription treatments can ease burning, itching, or mild pain.

Suppositories are better for internal hemorrhoids. The medicine is absorbed by the rectal tissue and can help all discomfort and pain caused by hemorrhoids. They can sometimes soothe the symptoms caused by external hemorrhoids as well.

Suppositories are typically used two to four times per day for a week. It’s better if you insert after a bowel movement so the effect can last longer.

External creams and ointments can be applied whenever you need relief. However, the relief isn’t as long-lasting as that of a suppository. That’s because a suppository breaks down more slowly, releasing medication over a longer period of time.

Both topicals and suppositories should only be used for a limited time to prevent possible complications.

Minor bleeding is common with hemorrhoids. If you’re seeing small amounts of bright red blood on tissue paper or on stool, that’s normal. It’s still safe to use a suppository. If, however, your stool is black, or you notice large amounts of blood in your stool, call your doctor.

How to use the hemorrhoids rectal suppository ?

Use this product in the rectum as directed by your doctor, usually 2 or 3 times daily. The dosage and length of treatment are based on your medical condition and response to treatment.

  • Avoid handling the suppository for too long because it will melt.
  • You may moisten the tip with a few drops of water.
  • Lie down on your left side with your right knee bent.
  • Gently push the suppository, pointed end first, into the rectum with your finger, deep enough so it does not slide back out.
  • Remain lying down for a few minutes.
  • Avoid having a bowel movement for at least 1 hour so the medication will have time to work.
  • Wash your hands after each use.

Use this medication regularly as prescribed to get the most benefit from 

How Can Compounding suppository Help?

Compounding is one of the ultimate solutions for hemorrhoids. It is a very effective method to choose, as it contains all the treatments with much fewer side effects. There are pharmaceutical medications available for hemorrhoids, but depending on your needs, they may not be sufficient. Creams are a typical treatment for hemorrhoids, and a compound pharmacist can provide a high-quality cream based on your prescription. 

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?

Hemorrhoids that are treated early may heal. Lidocaine and hydrocortisone, which are some of the active ingredients  are effective in treating most hemorrhoids.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Develop?

Sitting for long hours are common causes of hemorrhoids. Pilots, bus drivers, truck drivers, forklift operators, receptionists are among those at risk. Other causes are constipation, straining while moving the bowels, frequent or chronic diarrhea, and/or a digestive issue. Although hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy. Most clear up after childbirth.

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