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Doctor’s choice pharmacy offers Different Kind of Compounding Prescriptions

Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medicine.

It all starts with a problem: the child who can’t swallow pills, the patient with a gluten allergy, the much-needed drug that’s in short supply. Many people aren’t served by mass-produced medications and a compounding pharmacy is able to provide a solution. Special flavourings, unique dosage forms, innovative delivery methods – using these tools and more, we work with prescribers to fill a gap in health care through customised solutions for specific patient needs.

Compounding is a great option to explore for people who:

  • Have allergies to common mass-produced medicine fillers (lactose, gluten, dyes, etc.)

  • Aren’t taking medication as prescribed due to unpleasant side effects or lack of improvement

  • Need custom medicine strengths and dosage forms (like creams, transdermal gels or suppositories)

  • Need a discontinued drug or a drug in short supply

For patients, compounding can be life-changing, even lifesaving.

Almost every pharmacy  can do some level of compounding. The difference between a regular pharmacy and a compounding pharmacy is the level of complexity. Our compounding laboratory has a large array of specialized equipment, a sterile laboratory, one of the largest pharmaceutical chemical inventories in Western Canada and eight experienced compounders. We also have thousands of proven formulae to address virtually any patient need. We adhere to strict processes and procedures and follow quality control measures every step of the way. This includes calibrating every scale every day, using the correct safety equipment and documenting everything including fridge temperatures, who made the compound, what process or equipment they used, material weights, lot numbers and more.


Most Common Compounding Medication

BLT ( Numbing) cream

Private area Cream

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Do you deliver to my home?

Absolutely, we, at Doctor’s choice pharmacy offer a free delivery to all upland city, Rancho Cucumango , Ontario, San Bernardino , Riverside, Corona, high land and Redland and Free Shipping to anywhere. “Restriction Apply”

What is Doctor's Choice Pharmacy?

Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in creating customized medications for patients. They work closely with healthcare providers to formulate medications that meet the unique needs of individual patients.

What is a compounding pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy is a type of pharmacy that prepares personalized medications by combining specific ingredients to meet the unique requirements of patients. These pharmacies can create medications in various forms such as creams, capsules, gels, or liquids.

What sets Doctor's Choice Pharmacy apart from other compounding pharmacies?

Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy may have unique differentiators, which could include factors such as their expertise, use of high-quality ingredients, state-of-the-art facilities, adherence to quality standards, and strong relationships with healthcare providers.

What types of medications can Doctor's Choice Pharmacy compound?

Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy can compound a wide range of medications, including but not limited to pain medications, dermatological preparations, veterinary medications, pediatric formulations, and custom dosage forms. Hormone replacement therapies “Coming Soon”

Do they require a prescription for compounded medications?

Yes, Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy will require a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider before compounding any medication. This ensures that the medication is tailored to the specific needs of the patient and is in line with legal and safety requirements.

How long does it take to compound a medication at Doctor's Choice Pharmacy?

The time required to compound a medication can vary depending on the complexity of the formulation and the availability of ingredients. Typically, compounding pharmacies aim to complete the process within a 24 -48 hours, but it’s best to check with Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy for specific timelines.

Can Doctor's Choice Pharmacy ship compounded medications?

Yes, we offer shipping services to provide medications to patients who are unable to visit the physical pharmacy location. Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy may have shipping options available, and it’s advisable to contact them for specific information regarding shipping arrangements.

Is Doctor's Choice Pharmacy regulated by any governing bodies?

Yes, compounding pharmacies, including Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy, are typically regulated by the state pharmacy boards. These board ensure that the pharmacy follows appropriate standards, maintains quality control, and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Can Doctor's Choice Pharmacy compound medications for children?

Yes, Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy can compound medications specifically formulated for children. They can create customized dosage forms and flavors that are more suitable and palatable for pediatric patients. 

Are the ingredients used by Doctor's Choice Pharmacy safe and of high quality?

: Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. They prioritize quality and safety in their compounding processes to ensure patients receive medications of the highest standard.

Can Doctor's Choice Pharmacy compound medications for pets?

Yes, Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy can compound medications for veterinary use. They can work with veterinarians to create medications that are appropriate and tailored to the specific needs of pets.

What if I have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients?

Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy can work with you and your healthcare provider to find alternative ingredients that are suitable for your specific allergies or sensitivities. They can create personalized formulations that accommodate your unique requirements.

Can Doctor's Choice Pharmacy compound medications that are no longer commercially available?

Yes, one of the advantages of compounding pharmacies like Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy is their ability to recreate medications that are no longer available commercially. They can formulate customized medications based on the discontinued product’s active ingredients.

Can Doctor's Choice Pharmacy provide dosage instructions and counseling for compounded medications?

Yes, Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy can provide detailed dosage instructions and offer counseling regarding the use of compounded medications. They prioritize patient education to ensure proper administration and understanding of the medication.

Praesent sapien massa, convallis a pellentesque nec, egestas non nisi?

Yes, Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy has the expertise to compound medications for complex or rare conditions. They can collaborate with healthcare providers to create specialized formulations that address the unique needs of patients with specific medical conditions.

Is it possible to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to Doctor's Choice Pharmacy?

Yes, you can transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to Doctor’s Choice Pharmacy. Simply provide them with the necessary details, and they will guide you through the transfer process.

Can Doctor's Choice Pharmacy compound medications for complex or rare conditions?

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